Thursday, April 14, 2011

recording update

DSL started as a trio in Athens, then moved to Atlanta and added a guitarist. Not so long ago we moved rehearsals from a rented space in Midtown to a super secret underground location somewhere between the two cities. The draw of having our own space was not only free rent, but that it doubles as a home studio. It took us a couple months to settle in, but we finally have everything miked up and the red light rolling. Monday was the first time we had everything set up. In addition to miking all three amps, trying to isolate them the best we could, and putting 2 overheads on the drums and one on the kick, there's one room mic as well. Let the isolation and mic placement experiments begin. The plan is to lay down live tracks and pick several for an EP release. Here's a taste of some new songs. The audio is from the cam mic, but expect some multi-track synced videos soon enough. Patience, kids.

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