Saturday, November 5, 2011


Rejected album names

Hippie Crack
1pm Sharp
Crazy Legs
Chocolat Chaud
Aaron Rules

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Studio Journal

After 5 days, all rhythm tracks are in the can. The drums sound amazing and the bass is clean and punchy. 4 tracks are done except for vocals. Of the ten songs, I used a pick on 4 and slap on 3. Hardest song to record: "Ticket to Cleveland". Easiest: "Tombstone" (2 takes)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Studio Journal

7/20/11 7:59pm
The guitarists were busy before the rhythm section showed up. John recorded his solo to "Roger Moore" and overdubs on "Tombstone", and Brett overdubbed "Tombstone" and tracked the solo to "Resistance" and dubs/solo to "Kleuga". I ran my overdub to the "Tombstone" intro. 2 more songs to go and we'll be done with drums and bass.

Studio Soundcheck

Studio Journal

7/20/11 2:00pm
We've completed 4 days in the studio. Some tracks have only John or Brett on rhythm guitar, others have both. Tonight we'll complete the drum, bass, and Brett's rhythm tracks on the 2 remaining songs, “Stranger Danger” and “The Breaks”. Most of the other 8 songs will have guitar solos &/or overdubs started or done.