Dead Stick Landing’s creative soul carefully exists between the unimaginative redundancies of radio-friendly schlock, and the high-minded elements of progressive rock music. Their complex sound is proof of this unique perspective; a blend of technically-minded prog and melodic rock, that instead of being merely accessible, actively engages a wide variety of fans in their music.

John Parrott has honed his skills as a guitarist and songwriter since the age of fourteen. He has spent countless hours aspiring to be like his guitar heroes; namely Frank Zappa, Trey Anastasio, Robert Fripp, and Jimi Hendrix. Playing rhythm guitar in his first handful of musical ventures (Casey Jones, Zarakotus), John began fronting his own projects (Cat5E, Fall Line Trio) in an attempt to find other musicians that shared his love of all music. John now holds down lead vocals, as well as lead/rhythm guitar positions in the band. He is also the primary songwriter of the band.

Greg Surratt began learning music theory and piano at the age of five. He picked up guitar and trumpet in middle school, eventually concentrating on bass. Cutting his chops on the works of his idols such as Victor Wooten, Jaco Pastorius, and Les Claypool, Greg began playing in bands ranging from jazz, country, and bluegrass to funk and progressive metal. As a former member of the Patrick Connell Band and Flat Broke & Busted, Greg has performed in several states across the Southeast and has also recorded albums with other Athens artists. In 2006, he joined Dead Stick Landing (formerly Fall Line Trio), promptly jumping into the recording sessions of the debut album.

Matt Ephgrave has been inspired by a multitude of bands, from the Allman Brothers to The Raconteurs. He began playing drums in 2000 and developed a rhythm-section chemistry with Greg Surratt in their former band, Mama Shug. During those early stages Matt discovered a passion for playing music that carries with it a never dying spirit. Prior to joining Dead Stick Landing as their permanent drummer in 2008, Matt had attended many of their shows and occasionally worked as their sound man.

Brett Bennett joined the band in late October 2009. He started playing guitar in his early teens and has since progressed in the arts through inspirational players such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kirk Hammett, David Gilmour, and Brad Paisley. Playing in bands ranging from death metal to country, he doesn't incline to any genre but prefers to work with skilled musicians. Brett also worked at several local recording studios (GT One Studios, Real World Studios, and Tree Sound Studios) for almost two years before joining DSL's ranks.

Dead Stick Landing has solidified a catalog of more than twenty original songs, and is constantly working on new material. DSL has also put their own spin on songs by some of their favorite artists, a diverse group of bands ranging from Frank Zappa and Talking Heads to Soundgarden and Ween. The band has performed in venues around the Southeast and is currently working to build a fan base within the region. The band will also continue efforts to record albums and document their extensive song repertoire.

In addition to several EPs, Dead Stick Landing released their eponymous debut LP in 2008. Tom Lewis, who has worked with REM, Govt Mule, Allman Brothers Band, Sonic Youth, and Bonnaroo, remixed and mastered the album, which showcases DSL's ability to balance technical and complex passages with more traditionally arranged song structures. Whether on a studio recording or in a live environment, a stripped-down acoustic set or an unapologetic electric rock show, Dead Stick Landing offers a musical experience that’s not to be missed.